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SCOPE FOR CHANGE was conceived during the trying time of the pandemic to help alleviate pain, suffering, and even boredom of the people.

This is a tournament that provides players with an opportunity to win a total of up to EIGHTY THOUSAND PESOS (PHP 80,000,00) where the majority of the winnings were given to the beneficiaries/charities of their choice.

This innovative idea of returning back to the community was started by myself, Kyler Hewitt Sy. I am a 15 year old student studying in an international school here in the Philippines. Being an avid gamer, I wanted to translate my passion for esports to bolster the hope of the Filipino people in these times of financial and emotional turmoil. I started this project to coalesce elements of esports and charity. This is combining fun and camaraderie while returning gratitude to the heroes in our society during this pandemic.

- Sy, Kyler | Organizer / Founder


Scope for Change
Started in April 2020, during the bleakest time of the pandemic

From May to August 2020

Organized and executed the Philippines’ first E-sport charity tournament to benefit sectors that were adversely affected by COVID19. Invited and managed 16 teams, a total of 80 participants for the tournament. Created rules and guidelines for the event. Solicited PHP80,000 from companies as tournament beneficiary prize money. Live Streamed the tournament on social media platforms. Was featured in several national newspapers for my pioneering endeavors in the E-Sport Charity Tournament during COVID19 pandemic.

From July to October 2020

Lobbied proposals to companies for donations of old computers. Dedicated 10 hours a week to refurbish old computers from companies. Donated a total of 15 refurbished computers to Barangay 56 of Tondo, an underprivileged municipality in Manila City for their e-mobile caravan project for online school that benefited more than 200 school children.

From June to October 2021

Scope for Change collaborated with Makati City and the  Department of Education for a Summer Gaming Workshop that mentored over 125 underprivileged high school students from 16 public schools who love to play mobile and computer games. Developed weekly lesson plans as instruction to teach the students to code their own mobile games. Provide support and guidance to the students through a discord server. Published the top 3 winning mobile games on the Google Play Store.

The workshop gained interest from all the national newspapers and it was even featured in an educational show in the top national TV network in the Philippines, GMA TV.

From May to October 2022

Scope for Change partnered with Council of Deans and Program Heads for Information Technology Education (CODITE) that is spearheaded by the Dean of Computer Science and Information Technology of University of Santo Tomas and University of the East to expand the organization’s advocacy of using computer games in giving back to the community. The workshop intends to educate underprivileged senior high school students to learn computer programming through game development. During the workshop, the participants created games about environmental sustainability. We also collaborated and developed a game development curriculum so that the program can be perpetuated to other universities in the months and years to come.




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Dr Carleen Sedilla
Makati Department of Education School Division Superintendent 

“Hope our students will be inspired by the example of Kyler that at a young age, has decided to look into programming that will help the students to be better. . . May each of you see the potential and the possibility of what you can do and with the example of Kyler, you can see what you can become in the future.”

Ms. Tosca Puno Ramos
Makati City District 1 Councilor

“Kyler of Scope for Change, indeed you are a game changer. Thank you for blessing the City of Makati. Thank you for helping our youth reach their full potential.”

Ms. Jerralyn T. Padua
Dean, College of Information and Computing Sciences, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

“I only have respect and admiration for Kyler because his youth did not prevent him from innovating and finding ways to make his gaming skills put into good and productive use. In fact, the game development training for youth that he pioneered and that has made the students of the Ateneo Casa Famiglia beneficiaries, is genuine proof that gaming is not bad after all. His idea of teaching game development to less privileged students to focus their creativity, talent, and skills on creating games that can address environmental issues is indeed a work of a true leader.”


Some words translated from Filipino


Howell Christian B. Sulit
Mary Claire C. Alicante
Jann Maryel Navalta
Shameyuki Gallardo
Rolito Panes

“Thank you to Mr. Kyler for making this event because without him nothing will matter. Thank you for your help.”


Bridgette Kylene Khryss B. Tayzon
John Vincent P. Gines
Jemar C. Gallano
Ernest Dave B. Padua
Raiven Nicolo Brosas

“We experienced fun and excitement in this workshop. Not just only that, but we gained knowledge and skills from it. We are glad to be part of this program…. This summer workshop allowed us to work better as a team and we are able to impart our knowledge to our peers and  others”


Tom Vincent R. Hermoso
Rafael Miguel P. Rocero
Gabriel Dominic F. Hizon
Julian Carlos B. Gatchalian

“We experienced a lot of challenges while having a lot of fun. Despite the errors we made, the experience was really good…. Thank you to Kyler for making this event possible”